Spaniel Working Test August 2021



HPR Working Test June 2021



 Big Pit, Blaenavon, Retriever Working Test, Saturday 12th August 2017  
 Photos courtesy of Jane Stenner    


 Clytha, Abergavenny, Spaniel Test, Saturday 4th March 2017
 Photos courtesy of Neil Brookman    



Big Pit Blaenavon, Retriever Test, 14th August 2016
Usk Show Demonstrations 13th September 2015
Spaniel Working Test - BIG PIT, 23rd August 2015

Puppy and Novice winners

Open award winners

Observing the test or the weather?

    Run off for 1st/2nd in Open


 Dr Gareth Memorial Day "Retriever Working Test"


 Sherborne - 25th May 2015

 1st Place - RETRIEVERS

Mr Paul Clark, Mr Paul Hobbs, Mr Craig Perry & Mr Haydn Wilmot

3rd Place - SPANIELS

Mr Dai Pither, Mr Alan Willis & Mr Roger Wooldridge




 Retriever Working Test (1) - BIG PIT BLAENAVON, 29th March 2015

Usk Valley Working Gundog Club, puppy working test 29th March 2015 held at Big Pit, Blaenavon by kind permission of Mr Alan Llewellyn
First: Killyrudden Beefheart
In conditions described by the judges as 'savage' Beef ran much better than he has in training of late and took the top prize!


Junior Handler, Llewylyn Price 

Puppy Winner, Polly Gibb 

2nd Placed Puppy - Nathan Quinn 

 Novice Winner - Andy Fisher

2nd Placed Novice - Valerie Oakley  3rd Placed Novice - Mark Stevens 
 4th Placed Novice - Roger Colver

 COM Novice - Richard Price

Open Winner - Nigel Probert 

2nd Place Open - Andy Fisher


3rd Placed Open - Jayne Coaley

4th Place Open - Simon Pullin


              COM Open - Julia Redpath                                      Open Award Winners


 Usk Show, 13th September 2014











 Trippen Kennett, Retriever Working Test, 17th August 2014  
 Jasper & Murphy take 5.    
 Jasper & Murphy

 Mr & Mrs Derrick's Spaniels. 
Regular supporters of UVWGC

 Vaughan Hillier & Kyra Smith
with Meg & Bree

 Julia, "Don't look now ladies..." "If you win Julia, you must strike a pose like this"  "Now what did he say I had to do?"
Roy & Bella


Roy with his lab,Bella
Anne with her goldie, Lola

Congratulations to the Usk Valley Retriever Team for coming 1st at Sherborne,
and to the Usk Valley Spaniel Team for coming 2nd.........                                                                             



Retriever Working Tests at Blaenavon - 30th March 2014
Ooh, its freezing in there! Puppy competitors Junior handler sends her dog  
Winner of the face pulling competition Smile for the camera where was I ??  


Spaniel Working Tests at Wentwood - 23rd March 2014
Our Sarge & the gallery Puppy retrieve On your mark....  'I'm listening!'
Junior handler & kids New meaning to springer Waiting patiently  A beautiful day


A few photos below of our demonstration at the Usk Show 2013 - a huge thank you to Johnny Morris and those members that participated!









Left:   Pat Wiliams & Gill Wright
at Glanusk 2013


We wish our lovely Pat Williams all the very best with her move to Guernsey!





We're loving John Mixture's
pink lead!

4 of the Miserden judges

 Our new trailer kindly sponsored
by Sporting Saint

........another of our members
(no names mentioned Penni)
gets stuck in the mud! 



 Gareth & Sonja take a well
earned break

Terry Dukes 'flies the flag' for Skinner's






Richard Edwards doing what he does best....talking

Johnny Morris

Our lovely Johnny Morris returns from a long day of dummy throwing......again!

Trippen Kennet 2 Sept

All worn out !

Roger Colver

Roger Colver is quiet for once

 Trippen Kennett

Another fun day

Monmouth Show Team

Monmouth Show display team 2012


Simon Hagain wins the
Skinner's Challenge 2012


.......tow rope anyone?
One member struggles to leave a training session in his Subaru!